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Finger Algorithm
Version Fingerprint Algorithm V3.2
· Complying with BioAPI V2.0
· Supporting CBEFF(Common Biometric Exchange Formats Framework)
· Low FAR & FRR
· High-speed Authentication
Fingerprint Template Template size: 480 Bytes, Enrollment speed: 0.2second
Bio Data Comparison False Acceptance Rate(FAR): < 0.0001%, False Reject Rate(FRR): 0.1%,
                              Matching speed: 1/1,200second, Rotation range: 0 ~ 360°, Matching level: Three levels  
Face Algorithm
Face Algorithm

· Convenient and competitive bio-recognition technology.
· Easily verifies user’s identity without physical contact.
· Stable face recognition even in situations of great illumination changes.
· The system for denying/accepting access via face recognition can be stored and used from

  PDA, Mobile, PCs, and other image/video communication devices.
- To verify legitimacy of the user, mobile terminals and devices can store video information,

  and use it’s own camera to observe and recognize if the user is authentic. 
· Core technological ability to search multimedia databases.
· Variable use ranging from video recognition, proving identity, HCI (Human Computer

  Interface), image searching, security, surveillance systems, and more. 
· Can be versatile in usage in situations such as access control and diligence administration. 

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